“Mistress Moon” Poem – Supernatural Poetry

mooon indian 2

Mistress Moon

Mistress Moon
On a wide eyed Night

When all is Dark
And the Owl takes flight

Starlight Beckons
Nature Calls

Creativity flows
As Twilight falls

In a Cloak of Silver
Shimmering Bright

Psychic Alertness
In the Pale Moonlight

Wolf prowls through Forest
Wide Awake

By Shiny Reflections
On a Glistening Lake

Ocean waves Crash
Magic awakes

When the Tide is high
Before dawn breaks

Lunar energies
Bring Wolves to the door

Werewolves materialise
And come to the fore

Night Creatures Prowl
Bathe in her Glow

Her Mystical Orb
Enchants those below

So Unattainable
Yet lighting the sky

A Sparkling Jewel
Raised up on high

She Reigns in splendour
Intuitive Queen

Silver Lady
In the land of Dreams

She Shines through the Night
Full of Mystery

Enigmatic and Mystic

Mistress Moon
Majestic Power

Guiding the way
In the Darkest hour

moon girl 2


wolf moon gif

wolf girl gif

moon girl doodle


5 thoughts on ““Mistress Moon” Poem – Supernatural Poetry

  1. Hello! There are so many similarities in the first image of this post and the first image of my post entitled ” If My Name Were Moon Tonight… ” published at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/if-my-name-were-moon-tonight/

    Both images are predominantly blue in tone, and both contain the moon, the owl and the wolf.

    Considering the relevance and quality of what you have included in your post here and two others there, I have also hyperlinked those three posts of yours to my said post.

    Most importantly, you can observe from the poems that we wrote that we both love to rhyme! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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