Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2020 everyone!!! Samhain Greetings. LOVE this time of year. Love Autumn. Halloween is my favourite time of year and also marks the Eve of The Celtic New Year.

It is quite unique for a full moon to fall on Halloween Night. It only happens about once every 19 years. And what makes this even rarer is that tonight’s full moon is a BLUE MOON.

Halloween 2020 Full Moon Blue Moon

Blue Moon on Halloween Night

This is the first time a Blue Moon has fallen on Halloween night in all time zones for around 76 years. The Moon is known as a Blue Moon when 2 Full Moons fall in one calendar month. This is the second full moon this month. The first at the start of October was the Harvest Moon and this is known as The Hunters Moon.

Here are some photos of the Majestic Halloween October 2020 Full Blue Moon

Moon behind the trees photo

Full Moon Photo Octrober 2020

Moon and Tree

Full Moon in Forest

Full Moon Glowing Photo

Full Moon behind Tree Halloween

Moon on River

Tree holding Full Moon photo

Hello Blue Moon and Goodbye October. This is an excellent time to step back and set a clear focus on your goals. From now on you can start to pursue them to make manifest those dreams….

Blue Moon Photo October 2020

Have a Great Night everyone! πŸ™‚ Will leave you with a great youtube video from Lunar Princess who says.. .”Full Blue Moons are times for us to exchange energies with others and share in the magic of the Moonlight.”

If you liked the song at the start, one of my favourites, “Midnight Blue” by Lou Gramm, you can check out the post I wrote about that song. 

Post and Photos by Anne-Marie at supernaturalhippie.com. No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

9 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2020!!! Happy FULL MOON and BLUE MOON…

  1. I should have known you would have a post on Halloween! Great photos of the moon.

    It’s a shame that everything was aligned for an epic Halloween – a Blue Moon, a Saturday, and decent weather, but then covid restricted the trick or treating a bit.

    I hope you still managed to enjoy the day…

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