Lost Autumn Love – Dreary Day Autumn Poem

Lost Autumn Love

A Dreary Day in Mid November
The Fire is but a Dying Ember
The Skies are Grey
It’s Damp Outside
Samhain’s passed
Ahead… Yuletide
The Trees are Bare
The Ground is Wet
No signs of
Festive Season yet
The cupboard’s Empty
My Love is Lost
And all the Leaves
Are Torn and Tossed
No Soul’s in Sight
My Friend is Gone
But a Breeze gives Hope
To my Autumn Song
It lifts my Spirit
As Colour’s Swirl
Pick’s me Up
As I start to Twirl
And Hope Tomorrow
The Sun may Shine
And I’ll be back
With this Love of Mine

Lost Autumn Love is a Poem by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

Song is “Cowboys and Angels” by George Michael

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