The Allure of The Gothic Victorian Mansion….

gothic victorian mansion

There is something so alluring about Gothic Victoria Mansions. Something Magical and Timeless. Dwelling places that stand the test of time. They are different from other houses, like they have a presence about them, a power. They stand majestic, commanding awe with their intricacies of architecture and their puzzlement of turrets. They are Mysterious, Inspiring and Enigmatic, an exciting maze of uncertainty and promise. They are also decidedly rare which only adds to their appeal and intrigue. Often hidden down an unsuspecting street.

Victorian Gothic Mansions are quirky, eccentric, exotic, elaborate, romantic, decorative and mystifying at times. Part of the magic they conjur up may be due to the era they surfaced in, in the 1800’s, a time of superstition, spiritualism and the occult. They have a charm associated with this era from which they arose, that remains with them. A character modern houses do not seem to share.

These are the houses that feature in Classic Horror Movies and TV shows about the Supernatural, such as Charmed. They are the Classic Haunted House. It is rare that you encounter one in the real world. But I did, I discovered one, quite unexpectedly, on a dreary day in the city I lived. I was browsing through a rental property website and Boom! It jumped off the pages at me. Exquisite and Beautiful, I excitedly browsed through the photos, dreaming of living there. I had to go and see it. It was utterly unique. A little piece of magic had danced off the computer screen and into my life.

I went to the street to view it in an upmarket part of town, leafy and peaceful. And as I walked down the long and lovely tranquil lane I turned to the right and saw the house at the end of the long drive, hidden away. The drive went uphill and the house was perched at the top in a fine position. Even the way it was situated, the angle, was like something from a movie. It had a presence even from a distance. And it was safely protected by long hedges and towering trees. I walked up the lane entranced by this powerful building. It seems that houses like this are almost alive such is their intense presence.

There was a beautiful big garden. I went to look at the apartment inside. Unfortunately it was not that nice inside, dull, a bit damp, magnolia walls, and in disrepair. So I was disappointed. But, then I thought, ideally, it was really the top floor I wanted to live in. The top floor apartment with the skylights and the big bay window overlooking the tree lined garden. Safe at the top of the house. The trendy attic apartment. Preferably modern, recently renovated inside. But within the beautiful ancient exterior. Best of Both worlds. I fantasised about sitting there gazing out that window, painting, writing, reading, watching the rain fall from the warmth of my inner sanctum.

And soon that too, amazingly, became available, just as I had wished. The attic apartment. And I went to look again with high hopes. And it was beautiful. But, there was a problem. The big house next door was getting renovated. And so there was noise, scaffolding, work men everywhere and that would be going on for months and months right outside your window. So the work on the house next door tarnished this beautiful house, drained it of it’s power, took away most of it’s appeal. Soooo close to getting to live in my dream Gothic Victoria Mansion. A place of peace and a place of power. A place of magic and intensity where you just knew great creativity would pour forth. And the mundane could never creep in through such a magical enchanted exterior.

But sadly, it was fatally flawed. It had beauty and power but it looked like it needed work doing, it was so old. Also, every time an apartment became available it just wasn’t quite right. As amazing as the place was too, there was an ominous feeling about it. You were amazed and entranced but also slightly nervous and scared. Because although these are the houses that amaze you in movies, often bad things can happen there. So you can be in two minds about such places. One thing is certain though, they are far from mundane. Dramas would unfold, life would change, new adventures would begin. These are surely the most magical of houses. So otherworldly.

This house had a draw for me and I was determined that I would live there. And I knew whereabouts too, right on the top floor. And it became available twice. But both times it was wrong. There was also a sadness about it, like it had been neglected, like it needed work from nurturing hands to return it to it’s former majesty. That timeless and classic as it was, it was lost in the sands of time, forgotten, perhaps undervalued in the modern world. So hidden away in fact that it’s amazing allure was not revealed to the world at large but contained within a tiny niche corner of the planet. Wasted. When it should have been centre stage to be viewed with awe.

So it wasn’t meant to be sadly. But sometimes we can be drawn to places, to houses, to parts of the world, just like we can be drawn to certain people. Just like people have personalities and a myriad of attributes that can attract or repel us, so do places, parts of the world, and even buildings. It’s intangible. And sometimes it’s neither good nor bad, but misty. Even confusing. We don’t quite know why we are drawn so. Such is the energy of things.

Sometimes we have a strong magnetic draw to a place. Only to find out the illusion is not what we expected. Things we thought may have been beautiful can be fatally flawed. No matter how much we want them to be perfect. Other times it is everything we dreamed of and more. One thing is for certain though you have to follow your gut instinct to see why something is calling you. And if it is not meant for you, it can only mean that there is something else, much more magical, just around the corner…. Or waiting for you to discover it in a far off land…

purple house

gothic victorian mansion 2


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  1. A woman in a white nightgown running across a lawn before a brooding romantic mansion will always trump a woman running across the lawn in front of a condo. No competition there. In this world of the next! 🙂

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