Find your Freedom – Find Your Flow – Poem – Inspirational Poetry – Motivational Poetry

Find Your Freedom – Find Your Flow

If Money didn’t exist and everything was FREE
WHAT would you do, WHO would you BE?
WHERE would you go? What would you SEE?
Would you be on land or would you be at sea?
If borders were not drawn and everyone could TRAVEL
What mysteries then would a big wide world unravel?
If Money didn’t exist and you could just LET GO
WHERE would the journey take you?
Where does your PASSION FLOW?
Money does exist and Border lines are drawn
Countries are at war and humble men are pawns
Don’t let that be your focus, Step into the light
Each person has a calling, their own DIVINE birthright
Far away in SPACE if you looked down on EARTH
You’d see a Beautiful Blue Planet, the planet of your birth
The lines, the money, the politics are created by the human kind
Fear projected outwards inserted into human minds
Your TIME upon this planet is limited but power’s within your reach
Don’t build a prison in your head when life could be a beach
And even if there’s suffering let it be for your beliefs
Not because you’re doing just what other’s teach
Life devoid of purpose or passion is not a life at all
If you have not found your aim, don’t be afraid to FALL
Your POTENTIAL is really LIMITLESS if you let the bad stuff fall away
And re align your values towards a brighter day
Don’t live in fear of authority they’re more enslaved than you and me
If they’re nothing but a Gatekeeper they’re really not that free
Awake and FIND your PATH don’t just struggle to exist
Live a life of MEANING, Trust your CALLING and persist


(This poem is by – Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)



If you are LOST in LIFE. Ask yourself what you would do if you won the lottery? If money was no object? IMAGINE the life that you would want for yourself. At the heart of all the amazing things within this might lie your true passion or calling. Now think how you can start to do any of these things without winning the lottery. Break it down…

If you have LOST your SPARK. Think…. What excites you? If nothing excites you any more. Think of what you used to like doing and when the passion died. If you are doing the same things again and again and you are not happy, why are you doing what you are doing? Think….

If nothing is working, then maybe you are on the wrong path. Why Battle? Why not move in a different direction.


What are your Dreams? Do they require Money? Right now even if you have no money, you have Tools. Tools to start creating something new.

Whatever brings you happiness and joy, move in that direction.

Whatever calls you, move towards it.

what you seek is seeking you rumi

It is easy yet painful to remain in a comfort zone. If you don’t start to change things that are not working, things will start to crumble or chaos will come a calling.

People think they are afraid of Death. What they are most afraid of, is never having really lived. In the true sense of the word. Life is Now. Are you Existing? Or are you Living? YOU Create YOUR own Reality.


While we can all be a victim of circumstance and misfortune and ill health, some limitations are really only in the mind.

6 thoughts on “Find your Freedom – Find Your Flow – Poem – Inspirational Poetry – Motivational Poetry

  1. thanks for the clip from Limitless. I had forgotten about that movie (probably because I didn’t take “the pill”), but as I vaguely recall, I think I really enjoyed it. Time for a rewatch…


        1. Hmmmm…. Not sure….. I would be VERY tempted to try one. But I would not want to get addicted. However I think one of the meanings in the movie is that we can be LIMITLESS without the pill. All of that came out of his thinking. But at the same time he was also able to do amazing things. I would take that pill for a little while to get stuff done, make some money so I could then go off and be free. Would you take the pill?

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I don’t think I would take a pill that offered such results since I don’t think I would enjoy the outcome as much as I would if I knew I did it all by myself.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Yeah. I wouldn’t do all that myself so I would happily take the pill! Otherwise it’s not likely to happen. The pill would give me the boost! Although what we want to be is the BEST versions of ourselves but most are nowhere near and perhaps more feeling limited.


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