Saints and Mystics Reading Cards and “The Return of The Saint” from the Seventies…

The Saint

First of all who remembers the TV Show “The Saint”? I loved those seventies shows. The Saint was played originally by the charming Roger Moore in the 1960’s and then “The Return of the Saint” was played by the handsome, dashing Ian Ogilvy in the 1970’s. His character was Simon Templar, “…an independently wealthy, somewhat mysterious ‘do-gooder’ known as ‘The Saint’. Templar is shown travelling around Britain and Europe, helping out the people he encounters.” (Wikipedia) When I think of Saints, I think of that show, “Return of The Saint”. I’m hoping my Man Saint will find me. 😉 LOL


Saints and Mystics Cards

And of course I think of Saints generally. I grew up with people praying to this Saint or that. Being an Animal Lover, Saint Francis of Assisi appealed. But there were Saints for if you had lost something, Saints for travel and even a Patron Saints of Lost Causes!

One of my favourite Saints was a Native American Indian Saint but that is a post for another day as I have lots to write about her. Particularly as the Native American Indian Culture and Spirituality is the one that draws me most in the world. Despite an intense calling to live by the sea, probably here in Ireland when I am ready to settle, I absolutely love The Smoky Mountains for a multitude of reasons, one being the Cherokee heritage that exists there in the Appalachians.

After that it’s Celtic Irish and then Eastern Mysticism and perhaps Ancient Egyptian and South American. India appeals to me and I do like Hindu teachings as among other things, they respect animal life. I also like aspects of Buddhism. In dark moments though we think upon the Gods or Saints that we grew up with. And strangely, whether we believe in them or not, they stay with us.

Saint Anthony

I rarely think of Saints unless I lose something and then I think – Who is the Saint of Lost things? I think it’s Saint Anthony though for years I thought it was Saint Jude. Saint Jude is actually the Patron Saint of Lost Causes. So as I often lose things I am always thinking of the Saint of Lost things. Incidentally when I opened the box, there’s Saint Anthony. Maybe today I will find something I have lost.

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Saint Anthony

The only other time I think of Saints or Holy things is when I am on an aeroplane as I absolutely hate flying! So I carry a Saint Christopher Card with me as he is the Patron Saint of Travellers.

There are shops where you can buy cards of Saints and I like the whole concept of Saints in a world of Sinners! Though, let’s face it, Saints were not perfect either. Stories of Saints are fascinating to read about. Their lives were not easy. I guess none of our lives are easy but Saints turned things around. Despite their own misfortune they tried to help others and that gave their lives great meaning. Quite a few people are named after Saints.

Saints and Mystics Oracle Cards

Mystic Shop

Anyway, these cards jumped out at me in a shop and I thought I had to have them!  I love Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, any type of Artistic Cards with symbols and meanings. I like that this deck mix Saints with Mystics. As I think spirituality and mysticism and religion are all interlinked in some way.

Basilica of The Holy Blood, Bruges

I do like to enter churches, cathedrals and spiritual places and light a candle. When I was in the Greek Islands I loved all the small churches you could visit and the art work and the candles. I think the most amazing church I ever visited was The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, Belgium. I don’t adhere to any religious belief but that felt like a truly Sacred place.

Spiritual Paths

Any spiritual path should be one of love, not judgement or condemnation or rigid rules and laws. My spiritual path is kindness, and that extends to animals and all life as well as humans. I am drawn to Saint Francis as he is a protector of the animals as all humans should be. The closest I personally feel to spirituality is in nature. I feel at home in nature and ideally want to be as close to the natural world as possible. I believe it is critical for people to experience and interact with nature to experience inner calm. I think at the crux of any religion or spiritual path is the belief in HOPE. If you can’t find it within yourself you will look outside.

Anyway Gods, Goddesses, Dieties, Saints, Mystics, Angels, Fairies, they all intrigue me. Anything to break the mundane!! I also think there is something to be learnt from those who have devoted their lives to serving others, or mastered a skill, became a genius in a certain area or lived a life so profound they are remembered generations later.

I am also fascinated by those that seem to have a mystical, otherworldly quality. Most of all Saints ultimately had a quality that is sadly lacking in the modern world. The quality of KINDNESS, often dedicating themselves to helping others. Today’s world is much too focused on ego, power, money for it’s own sake and base level stuff. When, really, let’s face it, LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe.

Saints and Mystics Card Deck

This card deck comes with a little book detailing the life of the people in the deck and what they represent. It has a lovely introduction:

“Throughout every generation, collectively, we have all at some point in our lives looked up to the skies and wondered. Who’s looking out for me up there?…And when the going gets really tough, we look up and ask; if there is anything in this Universe…can someone help me? Sages, priestesses and wise men across centuries have looked upon the night’s stars and had the same thoughts.”

Andres Engracia

The people in this card deck are people who have contributed something good to humanity. I think, hard as life can be, you have to try and forge ahead and be the type of person you would like to meet. Kind, empathetic, strong, positive. Someone with a divine spark who can help light up the world however dark it may become. The people in this deck are inspirational.

This pack has Saints, Scientists, Artists, Mystics. Edgar Cayce jumped out at me because I did not know who he was but somewhere in the recesses of my mind I must know something about him. I am going to look into that. I can’t believe I was unaware of him, or thought I was, as he is one of the most documented Psychics of the 20th Century.

All the flip side of the cards have a church like window. The Saint Cards are Day with a white dove and the Mystic Cards are night with a blue colour and a full moon. There are 36 cards in total. The book details the background of the Saints and Mystics and the meaning of the Oracle cards.

Artwork I liked the best

Anyway, here are the cards that I found most visually appealing. They are Saint Mary MacKillop, Scientist Isaac Newton and Saint Teresa. I love the image of Saint Mary, her dress and hair and expression, the trees and sky and of course the white doves. At least I think they are doves. Once certainly looks like a dove. I like this image portraying Newton as his look, style and hair appeals and there is a telescope, a globe, a pyramid prism eminating rainbow light and of course a FULL MOON. Saint Teresa looks beautiful but troubled but is finding solace in beautiful red roses. Again we have trees and sky.

I thought I would look into some of their associations:

  • Saint Mary MacKillop, No.13, Life Lessons. “Saint Mary of the Southern Sands, Teach me wisdom for love all across the land. Charity, community, strength be true, My soul’s purpose rises, I give thanks to you”.
  • Isaac Newton, No. 28, Discovery. “Plato is my friend, Aristotle is my friend, but my greatest friend is truth”.
  • Saint Teresa, No.17, Divine Ecstasy. Patron Saint of Spiritual Awakening. “Saint Teresa, Dearest Lady appear to me, Spirit of beauty, grace and unity, I pray to thee, three times three, Raise my heart in ecstasy”.
Cards that called to me

Below are the cards that called to me in some way; Harry Houdini, Saint Joan of Arc and Edgar Cayce.

Details as outlined in card deck:

  • Harry Houdini, The Magician amongst Spirits, No.26, Mastery, “Look at this Life – all Mystery and Magic”.
  • Saint Joan of Arc, No.6, Conviction. “One step forward, one glance back. I am protected from wild fire’s wrath. Strong and clear, I do not fear. For Saint Joan of Arc is with me here”.
  • Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, No.23, Messages “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”.

I am at odds with one of the 6 cards in this post although it draws me. So I need to figure out why. I think it’s because it is calling me to tap into a certain quality I may not have yet embraced.

There are so many amazing card decks out there. I love Tarot cards and Oracle cards because of the colours, the different artwork, the learning you get to do. It’s just interesting and intriguing. I don’t think people realise the work and thought and artistry and research that goes into creating tarot cards or oracle cards. They are works of art that are visually beautiful, inspiring, increase your knowledge and spirituality and are an artform you can interact with and personalise and engage in with others.

I could spend my days buying different decks and learning about them if I had the money! Anyway, I think card decks like these are nice presents for people, whether they’re a Sinner or a Saint, they’re bound to find them quaint!

Review of Saints and Mystics Reading Cards by Mary Rose

I looked through a few video reviews for these and I like the one below. It’s from Mary Rose from Psychic Soul Mate. I love the way she looks, her personality, the room she’s in, the little cat that jumps down and she does the review in a very, REAL, spontaneous way and I love that. She has a great sense of humour. You will also learn more while watching her video which is interesting. For instance I didn’t know there was a Harry Houdini museum at Niagara Falls and it burnt down! Her review is great and she loved the artwork on the Isaac Newton card as did I.

Author of Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

The Saints and Mystics Reading Cards are by Rockpool Publishing. The author is Andres Engracia He is a professional, intuitive healer and runs workshops on intuitive and metaphysical development in Sydney, Australia. He has a love of the esoteric, travel, philosophy, reading, rock climbing, martial arts, art and also describes himself as a NASA nerd.

“Andres Engracia’s introduction into mysticism and spirituality began at an early age when he first experienced unexplainable encounters with spirits, astral travel and lucid dreams…”

He reconnected with his native ancestral routes of Spanish-Mexican spirituality after losing his mother.

Illustrator of Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

This card deck was illustrated by Digital Artist Wesley Souza who was born in the Amazon, Brazil. He specialises in Photo Manipulation and after starting to use Photoshop in 2009 then turned his hobby into a professional career.

“Wesley is inspired by the works of film maker Tim Burton and photographers Annie Leibovitz and David Lachapelle”. 

Why I like this deck

Saints and Mystics Oracle Cards

Why do I like this card deck? Because these people existed in the real world. And they made their mark in the world. In a world motivated by money and power, humanitarians, healers, mystics, artists, scientists, musicians  are the people that live on in the collective consciousness and they are the people that inspire others. Not the richest man in the world. Unless he uses his wealth to create something wonderful and help heal the world. Wealth for Wealth’s sake does not move the soul.

If a Saint card helps you find inner strength, roll with it. And if you can be a saviour to a person in need, you may be the best thing that happened to them. You don’t need to subscribe to any religion to be this way. The true religion is living in kindness and living in love. If you are not liking the way the world is going become the type of person that you would like to meet. Kind and Empathetic. Strong with a sense of Justice. Living with Passion and living with Purpose. We certainly can’t all be Saints or called to be a Mystic but we can be the person we were meant to be.

“Saints or otherwise, we all walk incredible paths; itching to climb mountains, discover new lands and fly over the seas. We all need aid from time to time, and during some moments we need a greater hand to pull us through dark and troubling times. May the saints and mystics presented here help guide you towards remembering how good you are and how much your creative heart is needed in the world.”

Andres Engracia

And, Hey, one thing you gotta admire about Saints. And Mystics. They all had a Rebel quality! Rebels with a Cause. 🙂


(This post is by Anne-Marie at – Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)

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        1. It is yeah. Spot on. Saints work wonders. They’re little miracle workers. My friend prayed to some Saint a few months ago in a church to get the job and she got the job. I suppose these things focus the mind.


    1. Aw thanks. I hadn’t actually even thought about Saints in ages and I spotted those cards in a kind of mystical healing hippy type shop that sold crystals and incense and stuff. They kind of jumped out at me, especially because the size of the pack seemed quite big and what drew me in was that they were mixed with mystics. Just made them more exciting. Got me thinking about the lives of Saints and discovering new mystics!

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