HALLOWEEN Digital Doodles – Spooky Art

HALLOWEEN Digital Doodles

So I have been trying to create art on my new phone. There’s no pen with it. It’s not that type of phone. But you can still create stuff though it’s not very accurate. But you can still be creative. Anyone that does digital art would be interested in how you began and what you use? This is me just experimenting for fun! As I don’t have a tablet or decent computer yet I am just using an art app. As there is no pen there is not great precision with things like eyes and lips etc. But you get the picture anyway! Also interested in what people think the best art apps are? And any which are better for beginners too. 

Happy Pumpkin in Pumpkin Season

This is a Happy Smiling Pumpkin and a Pumpkin Season Pic filled with Seasonal Sparkles as it’s usually Party Season! It has the energy about it always this time of year. It’s hard to write words with just your hands but I am getting a Samsung Tablet I think eventually.

Cosmic Full Moon Sorceress and Pumpkin Man

This is Pumpkin Man and a Cosmic Full Moon Sorceress. Pumpkin Man likes to party and he’s all dootsied up as he’s in his element this time of year. 

Cuddles the Huggable Ghost

This is Cuddles the Huggable Ghost. He needs a hug and he wants to give hugs. But people are avoiding him. He’s used to being invisible though as he’s a Ghost. He has a big heart though and he’s not going to get down cause he’s lots of love to give. 

Wiccan Woman

Beside him is a Wiccan Woman in her own little world where she sees and feels energies and lives out in Nature and avoids technology and the media. 

Hard to Define

Cosmic Full Moon Sorceress sees all

This was experimenting and creating a kind of Gemini look. The Cosmic Full Moon Halloween Sorceress sees things from many angles. She also sees through illusion. She’s highly intelligent. She can see and remember the past and predict the future. She can also see patterns that repeat. She is grounded and she sees even beyond the planet earth into the greater Cosmos of existence. 

Sorceress Moon Twins

Spoooky Sorceress Art Gemini Full Moon

Pumpkin Season

It’s Pumpkin Season and Autumn. And a lovely time of year. Though there’s less Merriment about now. But Pumpkin Man is still in his element. There may be no fireworks about but he’s such a healthy character he’s sparkling anyway.

Pumpkin Season Digital ARt

Winter Approaches

We are almost in Winter. I hope I get to see SNOW this year. It’s so MAGICAL. 

Cosmic Halloween Full Moon Sorceress

Spooky Song

Isn’t that a cool mellow funky song. I really like it. Spooky by Dusty Springfield. 

This art is by Anne-Marie at supernaturalhippie.com. No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent. 

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