Fancy a bit of Escapism? Check out this Pyschedelic Music Animation Video – Leigh Woods by LOOR

Cosmic Eels

First of all. Relax. Clear your mind, get yourself comfortable and watch this. It’s brilliant. It’s a really trance like, Psychedelic music video. Best described as Cosmic Eels!

The Daily Psychedelic Video

I spotted it today on “The Daily Psychedelic Video”. If you haven’t heard of them, they trip across the youtube galaxy on a daily basis…

“The Daily Psychedelic Video is the biggest collection of curated psychedelic videos on the web. The site is run by a team of psychedelic video aficionados dedicated to finding the best psychedelic videos out there. It has been active daily since April 2010, and includes more than 3,000 psychedelic videos.”

The Daily Psychedelic Video

Leigh Woods Animation

The Leigh Woods animation features eel like fish swimming through woods and under bridges, beautifully sparkling, phosphorescence like, lighting up the forest.

The animation begins under water with the eels moving upwards from the depths, then we enter a whirling portal and move from sea to air where these creatures swim around a full moon.

Mystical Music and Magic Mushrooms

Set to ambient, mystical music we then move through the forest and eventually encounter walking red and white, fly agaric magic mushrooms. Their tops are like hats all lit up. They walk past a large green chilled out frog in the forest who interacts with them and so begins a trance like trip.

Psychedelic Frog

Eco-conscious Video

This is an eco-conscious video and we eventually see the spirit of the trees and planet earth from afar.

Relaxed State of Mind

I absolutely love this. 🙂 It’s a brilliant animation. According to “The Daily Psychedelic” this is best viewed in a relaxed state of mind.

“The videos on this website are to a great part a consciousness-dependent form of media and art. This means that they can only be experienced and appreciated fully when the viewer is in the right state of mind.”

Loor is a Cornish word for MOON Deity

Leigh Woods was created by the Musician, Gwil Sainsbury, formerly in English Indie Rock Band Alt-J, who were formed in Leeds in 2007. This is his new project called Loor. Loor is actually a Cornish word meaning “Moon Deity”.

Loor Leigh Woods

Leigh Woods is an Ancient Woodland in Bristol

Leigh Woods is named after an ancient woodland in Bristol, England.This experimental dance track is really atmospheric and ambient. The 3D music video fits perfectly.

Who created the Animation?

This animation was created by Datagrama, a collective of artist-coders that design & create immersive environments using light. Inspired by nature and mathematics, they create custom software applications to experiment with generative design and machine learning.

Their traditional body of work consists in the creation of interactive installations, projection mapping, stage design and live visuals. In recent years they have been involved with artists at various events and festival such as Burning Man.

Loor Debut Album Due Spring 2020

Loor’s debut EP, Nightland will launch this November 22nd with a debut Album due in Spring 2020.


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3 thoughts on “Fancy a bit of Escapism? Check out this Pyschedelic Music Animation Video – Leigh Woods by LOOR

    1. Lol. Ha. Yes quite a trance, dance, experimental type track there. I like it. Theres so many layers to that music. I’ve a very expansive taste in music. Have to agree the video was utterly mesmerising and the animation genius. I think this is the best Psychedelic music video / animation I’ve ever seen. ❤🍄❤

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