“Adventure Calls” – A Hippy Travel Poem – Travel Poetry – Wanderlust Poetry

“Adventure Calls” is a Travel Poem that I wrote July 7th, 2019. I have always had severe Wanderlust ever since I can remember. I would love to see as much of the Earth as I can. Every day stuck in a place you don’t want to be is a day wasted. Travel is good for the SOUL.

Adventure Calls

Don’t want to sit there watching TV
Living a life of mediocrity
With 9 to 5 and microwave dinners
Want control, want to be a winner
Not spending my wages on bills and rent
Wondering where my money went
Wasting my days as an office clerk
Or similar soul destroying work
With long boring hours and very low pay
Yet still not enough for a holiday
Want to create income from all of my passions
In the brightest colours and bohemian fashions
Seeing the world not stuck in one place
Living a life at my own unique pace
Don’t want to get drunk and sit in dull bars
Wasting the valuable, evening hours
In a superficial world of chrome and of glass
Gotta make every precious moment last
Give me a Rock band with guitars ablazing
Long haired Singers with passions blazing
Fiery Live Music in Cool Earthy venues
Restaurants with Organic Rainbow menus
Enchant me with art, Astound me with tales
Show me new lands with the wind in my sails
Bring me the people with Creative Hearts
Thirsting for knowledge and a love of the Arts
With magical blood and a lust for adventure
Non conformists that are slightly off centre
Surround me with amazing kindred souls
With a gypsy spirit and similar goals
A Romantic Interest who won’t tie me down
But share life journeys and travel around
Someone who will take me on chill Moonlit drives
And fill my life with the sweetest surprise
Opening up Worlds of Awe and of Wonder
Disappearing into the Deep Blue Yonder
Swimming at night in lone sparkling lakes
Heading to Coasts to seek perfect Point Breaks
Travelling the World in a Bright Camper Van
See Seven Wonders with the perfect sun tan
Waking on Beaches with the light in our eyes
Experiencing nature, getting natural highs
With sun kissed skin and sea swept hair
A life of freedom without a care
Drifting at Sea on a Sailing Ship
Around the World on the ultimate trip
Exotic cultures and different sights
Amazing sunsets and tropical nights
Rain Forests, Waterfalls, Ancient places
Off grid to parts no human graces
Life could be dreamy if the stars would align
Yet Tick, tock, tick goes the passage of time


Can’t You See – The Marshall Tucker Band
Almost Famous – Tiny Dancer
Easy Rider – Born to be Wild
Midnight Cowboy – Everybody’s Talking at me
Almost Famous – America


(This Poem is the property of SupernaturalHippie.com – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

10 thoughts on ““Adventure Calls” – A Hippy Travel Poem – Travel Poetry – Wanderlust Poetry

        1. This is why I said to my friends long tome ago, when I stop walking and adventuring will be the day when I will die.

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        2. Yes. Whole world to see and even a lifetime is not enough. Yet it gets harder and harder for people to travel freely. As prices go up, travel restrictions increase and we move close to complete dictatorships and digital prisons. Humans should be free to roam on their short time on planet earth.

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